Q & A

Q. Can anyone enter the Marine Precinct?

A.  No, All personnel or contractors must either be inducted and pre-registered or must report to the Vessel Works office located at the end of Hikowai Place.

Q. What is the current wait list?

A. This changes day to day the sooner you register your interest the sooner we can fit you and your vessel in.

Q. Where do I enquire about being lifted from the water or berth arrangements?

A. See the link below

Enquire Here

Q. Where do I enquire about wharfage?

A. Please use the Contact Us page or phone us on +64 7 577 7270

Q. Is the hardstand available only to those businesses that are located within the overall precinct?

A. The hardstand is open to any vessel from any business. Bookings for haulout and hardstand space are managed by the precinct manager who is independent of the various precinct business occupiers.

Q. Are marine contractors based outside the precinct welcome to work on vessels stored within the precinct?

A. Yes, the precinct is for the benefit of the regions marine industry so outside contractors will be able to work on vessels within the precinct so long as they have appropriate insurance and have correctly been inducted to Vessel Works.

Q. How much does it cost to haul a vessel out and store it at the precinct?

A. All vessels are priced according to their weight and length. Please complete a booking enquiry and we will provide a written quote for your vessel.

Q. Where can I register as a contractor?

A. Please use the link below to complete the contractor induction and the company registration.

Enquire Here

If you have any other questions, click here to  Contact Us