Facility Features

Creating Vessel Works

Stage One is now complete with several companies owning land surrounding the precinct starting to build their businesses around the precinct.

We want to grow the Bays maritime industry…

But what does that mean for everyone else?

With Phase one done and dusted, the precinct is now open for business!

With Vessels of all shapes and sizes coming from far and wide for work to be completed on them, Vessel Works is starting to hum with Local Contractors and Business  coming together to provide the Bays “One Stop Shop” for all vessel maintenance needs.

Refit berth:

A 30m x 10m refit wharf has been constructed along the waters edge on the nortehr side of the stage one hardatnd area. This berth has been designed to allow for alongside refit works for vessels of all sizes up to 60m. This berth allows for crane, truck and forklift access to vessels for a variety of in-water maintenance activities.

Wash down area:

A wash down area is included at the centre of the Vessel Wirks hardstand. The advnaced water treatment system captures all water from the hardstand and is eitehr recycled, treated or discharged to the sewer. Vessel works has one fo the largest hardstand water treatment systems in the country.


With over 6,300sqm of hardstand area for vessel storage we have the space required to store up to seven vessels from 20 to 50 metres in the length. Vessels can be either stored on the hardstand adjacent the various tenancies or can be placed into the tenancies’ purpose-built building.

Fishing facilities:

Tauranga City Council recognises the needs of the local fishing fleet. The precinct has been developed to provide facilities for loading of ice and unloading of fresh fish. The precinct will also provide dedicated berthing areas to allow servicing of fishing vessels of all sizes.

Floating Work Berths:

A number of floating work berths are available adjacent to the precinct for on water works.  Later stages will consider adjustments to existing berths to optimise the use of the water space attached to the precinct which is large enough to provide long term opportunities for on-water berthing.


Fuel is currently available 24/7 at the Cross Road commercial wharf.

Car parking:

Car parking for berth users, contractors and those using the hard stand is provided free of charge in two locations, one off Hikowai Place, and in an area to the north of the hardstand.

Access control:

There is secure and restricted access to the hardstand area, berths and wharves as these are industrial work areas where commercial activities are undertaken. Everyone wishing to undertake works in the hardstand area required to complete a site induction before access. Induction information is available here:

* Note: The specifications noted above may be subject to change 

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