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Advancing the Capability In the Bay of Plenty

Commissioned in July 2018, newly named travel lift HIKINUI meaning ‘large lift’has taken the bay by storm. Hikinui does not only have a large lifting capability but is manoeuvrable, swift and reliable. Having completed several lifts since her commission she really is shaping up to be a valued presence in the bay.

With a 350 Tonne Lift capability Hikinui has the largest lift capability in New Zealand, The New facilities have been developed to increase the work of the travel lift and benefit all those needing her services.

Some of the benefits of such a capability are;

  • vessels that require urgent attention can be taken up on the hardstand for emergency work;
  • Up to 7 vessels can be bought up on the hard stand at any one time;
  • Vessels requiring planned maintenance can plan in advance;
  • Vessels with a large draft can be lifted fully from the water.

Some of the facility developments include;

  • Deep water berths and lifting Dock;
  • Marina Berths for low sitting Vessels;
  • Long Deep water berth for larger vessels unto 60m;
  • Bridge Wharf berths for returning fishermen and vessels.


‘All personnel entering the vessel works area must attain access from the operator at the office located at the end of Den Place, Tauranga’  

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