Marine Precinct

Overview of the Tauranga Marine Precinct

Vessel Works full operational Feb 2019

Tauranga is the third largest harbourside city in New Zealand. The harbour is highly valued as a cultural and recreational feature of the city and in recent years has become an economic cornerstone for New Zealand. The Port of Tauranga was recently named by an independent source as Australasia’s most productive and efficient port.

Prior to the opening of Vessel Works the local marine industry had lost key facilities and had not kept pace with other marine hubs around NZ.   Tauranga’s future growth and prosperity depended on attracting and retaining skilled, knowledgeable people and helping them create and develop productive, high-value businesses such as manufacturing. The opening of Tauranga’s Harbour Marine Precinct (The “Marine Precinct”) will support and boost a marine sector already leading the way internationally in craftsmanship, composites and especially innovation.

The Marine Precinct is seen by the marine sector as the key to stimulating the local industry and it is recognised that by working together as a sector to market high quality cluster services nationally, strong  economic benefits can be delivered.

Stage One Completion

Motor Yacht No Comment – 45m Power Vessel

Vessel Works has created significant opportunities for long-term economic development, business and job creation, and become a hub for the sub-regional marine sector.

The Marine Precinct provides a base for a cluster of boat building and refit businesses and associated marine services. It has unlocked the potential to cater for commercial and recreational vessels and international vessels.

“Vessel Works is home to New Zealand’s largest capacity travel-lift of 350 tonnes and other necessary infrastructure and space for the marine cluster to be more competitive and grow.”


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