Wharf & Ramp Bookings

Wharves and Commercial Fishing Facilities

Council provides a number of facilities across the city to support the fishing and aquaculture industries. These facilities range from public wharves offering short- or long-term berthage, through to areas for offloading of catch and loading of ice.

Vessel Works operates the Ice Loading and Fish Offloading Wharf at 2 Cross Road and the commercial ramp at Cross Road. Both facilities must be booked using the link below:

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Cross Roads Ramp

For embarking and disembarking of goods, This wharf is owned by the TCC and is restricted to use of registered vessels. Unregistered vessels using the facility must first make arrangements with Vessel Works.

Cross Roads Ice Loading and Fish Offoloading Wharf

For the use of loading and unloading ice and fish, Bookings must be made for this wharf using the links above.

Refit Wharf

This wharf is a new addition to the precinct with the addition of the hard stand, The wharf is in a secure berth with security access. It’s best for larger vessels intending to undertake maintenance within the Vessel Works precinct. The berth can accommodate vessels up to 60m in length.

Bridge Wharf

With 16 berths available at bridge wharf why not choose to come alongside, with a designated parking area adjacent the wharf, recycling and rubbish facilities are in the immediate vicinity as well as an oil recycling depository. The wharf is also in a restricted access area.  The wharf is accessed from Hikowai Place (Formerly Den place).

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